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Visiting Paris? Time to live the dream!

My Paris Photo Tour offers you the best way to visit Paris so you will keep your memories for ever. Discover Paris in a guided visit with a photograph and enjoy a photo shooting or a photography class.

Choose your destination in Paris. There's one right for you.

And follow us to get everyday tips for photographing Paris!


Couples specials


The photos of this unforgettable trip, with our without a Trash the dress photo shooting.

Engagement photos

We will be by your side for a engagement photo shooting in Paris.

Paris for two

A photo shooting created for you two, chose your perfect spot in Paris.


Family photo shoot

An experience adapted for the age of participants so you will get the memories and have fun!

Family photo shoot

and treasure hunt

Join us in our treasure hunt game to discover, learn and keep the photos!

Your Place

When baby is born or when you want to keep the souvenir of a very important place.

With friends

friends photo shoot

Fun and unique photo shooting created just for you.

photo shoot and

treasure hunt

for the brave, an odyssey to pass all together -and keep the photos-

Photo shoot for photoexplorers

Do as a model, do as a photographer, enjoy togethers...

Artists & individuals

Artist Book

A photo shooting for actors/actresses, fashionists and instagramers.

Professional photo

Photo shootings for renewing your profile. According to your activity.

Sweet 16

Completely adapted to teens who want to experience being a super model in Paris.

Other Shootings

Guided Photo Tour

My Paris Photo Tour and Paris Guided Tour propose to you a full guided tour by a certificate guide followed by a photo shoot.

Group Shootings

Ideal for getting to know other people that as you love Paris.

Free Photo Shoot

Many times per year we propose free grupal photo shooting. After the shooting discover your photos in a private gallery

Phototours for photographers

Private photo class

Improve your technique and learn about Paris with a professional photographer. Families welcome!

Masterclass in Paris

Join us for a photography Masterclass to learn different techniques in different places.

Custom photo walk

According to your interests, we will propose an specific path for your photography walk.

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Our clients recommend

3h Luxe tour

My Amazing Paris

The best of Paris

Torre Eiffel, Louvre, Seine river and Palais Royal

3h private photo shoot

+/- 180  photos edited 1 by 1

1h Petit Tour

Paris Real

Paris that makes you dream about history. Palais Royal or Louvre.

1h private photo shoot

+/- 80  photos edited 1 by 1

2h Regular Tour

Torre Eiffel

All about the Eiffel tower in a great photo shooting full of contrasts: Trocadero, Seine, Bir Hakeim.

2h private photo shoot

+/- 130  photos edited 1 by 1

1h Paris at sunset

custom made

Paris and the Seine river at their best. Sunste photo shooting.

1h private photo shoot

+/- 80  photos edited 1 by 1

1h Petit Tour


The best view of the Eiffel Tower in an early in the morning shoot. Take home your dream pictures.

1h private photo shoot

+/- 80  photos edited 1 by 1

2h My Photo tour

your Paris

A different Paris for those who love things differently.

2h private photo shoot

+/- 130  photos edited 1 by 1

General Information

What is a photo tour?

A photo tour is a walk through Paris guided by a photographer. We will  walk around the city capturing the best images of the visited places, whether you are enjoying a photo shooting or you are a photographer. In comparison of traditional tours, with our photo tours of Paris you will discover the city and take home the best images of the experience.

Which are the available hours for the tour?

We can adapt from 9h00 to 23h00 depending on the season.

For private photo tours, we might want to wake up early or go to bed late. Sunrise in summer is the best way to get pictures without that much people. Sunset colors will light up Paris, and Paris at night is always stunning.

During winter, it is better to go out during week days and when the natural light is at its best, even in week days.

​The EXPRESS photo tour is programmed by My Paris Photo Tour.

The Group Photo Tours for Photographers are programmed by My Paris Photo Tour. Private photo tours for Photographers are available to adapt to our clients agenda.

How will I get my pictures?

Your photos will be send to your mail via wetransfer or similar in 48h (working hours).

How do I register?

​Book online or send us your information and travel date, explain what are your looking for and mention anything you'd like to tell us.We will mark you in our agenda and together we will prepare your tour/session.

How do I pay?

​You can pay by credit card via Paypal before the shooting.

If you liked your tour and guide, feel free to tip, at your discretion.


What happens if I can no longer come?

​If for any reason you can no longer come, you can cancel or reschedule your appointment at any time 48h prior to your session. You can use text, email, or give us a phone call and we will confirm that we have received your cancellation. For refunds, the commission hold by Paypal will not be refunded.

Cancellations between 15 hours and 48 hours before the tour will not be refunded but will receive the possibility to reprogramming valid for 9 months.

Cancellations done 15 hours before the tour, during the tour or after the tour will not be refunded nor they will be exchanged or rescheduled.

If by any major reason My Paris Photo Tour would need to reprogramme a tour, clients will be notified as soon as possible and the full amount of the Photo Tour will be refunded.

What happens if it's raining?

​Whether it is raining, snowing or if it’s windy, our photographers are always ready to go in the city.

However, if you have booked a PRIVATE photo tour and you notify us 48 hours prior to the shooting, we can change the date or we also propose to you the "singing in the rain Tour" so you won’t miss the opportunity of having great photos.

Group photo tours (Express and for photographers) are not reprogrammed nor exchanged.

Paris can be very rainy but usually rain and sun come and go. Some of the best images are achieved thanks to this fluctuation. Bring big, colourful umbrellas and trench coats!

What's the difference with a PRIVATE Photo Tour, the GROUP Photo Tour and the FREE tour?

Our Private photo tours are personalized photo shootings created specially for you and your party. It includes the creative concept and accessories that will make your shooting something unique and unforgettable.

The GROUP photo tour is a group shooting, perfect if you want to share the experience with others.

Paris Private Photo Shooting

What does the Private Photo Tour include?

With your Private photo tour you will get:

- creative concept for the shooting and accessories according to the event: honey moon, engagement photos, birthday, etc.

- walking visit according to your photo tour choice.

- personalized photo shoot in Paris. You will get portraits, still life photos and detail photos.

- About +/- 60 photos / hour.

- Photos are digital and transferred via wetransfer or similar, in JPG format, both in low resolution with logo and high resolution without logo.

What are the accessories you propose for my Private Photo Tour?

According to the reason of your shooting, we will include:

- blackboard for writing messages.

- personalized hand drawn cards and drawings.

- balloons without helium.

- hearts, cupcakes or cookies.

I want something more, what other accessories may I get for my Private Photo Tour?

This are some of the alternatives that we propose to you, so everything will be ready when you come:

- balloons with helium, beginning at +82€

- flowers, beginning at +35€

- little vintage suitcase -rental for shooting- + 15€

Paris FREE photo tours

Many times per year, we propose you a free photo shooting, with other people that as you do, love the City of Lights.

After the shooting you will get access to a private gallery and only if you like the photos, you can take them home for a minimal price.

​Photos are individually made, (not convenient for families or couples).


20% off if you are under 26 years old.




Paris GROUP photo tours

As free photo shootings, many times per year, we propose you a group photo shooting, with other people.

After the shooting you will get all your photos from the shooting.

​Price per person.

Photos are individually made, (not convenient for families but possible for couples).

Babies under 6 months do not pay.

Paris photo tours for photographers

What is a Photo Tour for Photographers?

A Photo Tour for Photographers is the way to discover together Paris as seen through the eyes of a local photographer. We will focus on helping you get the best images and perspectives while you get the information of what you are seeing.

Also, for amateur photographers or if you want to initiate in Reflex photography, our photo tours for photographers is an accompanied photo class.

The best, your family can come with you without any extra fee*.


What are the possible photo tours?

If you are a photographer, you have two choices:

1. PRIVATE Photo tours for photographers, where you can choose what to photograph, the day and the hour. Also you can come with up to three people without extra charge.


2. GROUP Photo Tours for photographers, programmed by My Paris Photo Tour, up to 4 photographers might come. Up to 1 companion (+18 years) is allowed -transportation fees not included-.


What does the Photo Tour for Photographers include?

Your tour for photographers will include:

- Walk through the best photogenic spots and particular information of the itinerary you have chosen.

- Information about the places you are visiting.

- Technical and theoretical support to get the best photos: composition rules, framing, technical advice to master your camera.

- Advice for portrait shooting of your party and the use of flash and reflectors.

Who can be a companion?

A companion is someone that comes with you but does not take pictures. He/she can be your model.

For private photo tours for photographers, you can come with at most three companions. All kids under 18 must be there with the photographer and another adult not taking photos and that will be responsible for them during the Tour.

In group photo tours, only one companion, older than 18 might come. Transportation fees are not included for companions.

Can I decide when, where and how I want to go?

Yes, but you should contact us as soon as you can. If you want a specific tour, we will book it for you if it's compatible with our agenda.


Will I have time to do all the photos I want?

​We will concentrate exclusively on your photos, giving you the time to explore in every stop we make. However, in order to show you all of the best perspectives, we will be moving around Paris frequently.


I'm travelling. Do you rent professional gear?

​No. You have to bring all of your equipment. However, we know rental shops for quality photographic gear. We can help you to get in touch with them.


Will you take photos of me?

We may take 1 or 2 pictures of you with your camera.

My Paris Photo Tour


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