Paris photo tours for photographers

What is a Photo Tour for Photographers?

A Photo Tour for Photographers is the way to discover together Paris as seen through the eyes of a local photographer. We will focus on helping you get the best images and perspectives while you get the information of what you are seeing.

Also, for amateur photographers or if you want to initiate in Reflex photography, our photo tours for photographers is an accompanied photo class.

The best, your family can come with you without any extra fee*.


What are the possible photo tours?

If you are a photographer, you have two choices:

1. PRIVATE Photo tours for photographers, where you can choose what to photograph, the day and the hour. Also you can come with up to three people without extra charge.


2. GROUP Photo Tours for photographers, programmed by My Paris Photo Tour, up to 4 photographers might come. Up to 1 companion (+18 years) is allowed -transportation fees not included-.


What does the Photo Tour for Photographers include?

Your tour for photographers will include:

- Walk through the best photogenic spots and particular information of the itinerary you have chosen.

- Information about the places you are visiting.

- Technical and theoretical support to get the best photos: composition rules, framing, technical advice to master your camera.

- Advice for portrait shooting of your party and the use of flash and reflectors.

Who can be a companion?

A companion is someone that comes with you but does not take pictures. He/she can be your model.

For private photo tours for photographers, you can come with at most three companions. All kids under 18 must be there with the photographer and another adult not taking photos and that will be responsible for them during the Tour.

In group photo tours, only one companion, older than 18 might come. Transportation fees are not included for companions.

Can I decide when, where and how I want to go?

Yes, but you should contact us as soon as you can. If you want a specific tour, we will book it for you if it's compatible with our agenda.


Will I have time to do all the photos I want?

​We will concentrate exclusively on your photos, giving you the time to explore in every stop we make. However, in order to show you all of the best perspectives, we will be moving around Paris frequently.


I'm travelling. Do you rent professional gear?

​No. You have to bring all of your equipment. However, we know rental shops for quality photographic gear. We can help you to get in touch with them.


Will you take photos of me?

We may take 1 or 2 pictures of you with your camera.

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