Photographing contemporary parks in Paris

If you like modern and contemporary gardens or if you like urbanism, do not hesitate to photograph these wonderful contemporary parks. These spaces full of architecture and landscape interventions are famous worldwide and rich in elements worth photographing if you are visiting Paris.

La Villette Park

This large park was built in 1983. Architecture is present in every part of the park and the contrast between nature and built elements can be very useful for exploring with photography. For urban landscape photography, the most important element of the park is the water canal that separates the two large grass platforms. The high path that runs parallel to the water is very good for placing your models in portrait photography or selfies. Body shape will contrast marvellously with the straightness of the structure. As for architecture, famous Tschumi’s “folies” are all red and will mark every photography. Finally the great architectonic buildings of the Géode (large silver sphere rich in reflections), the platforms of the Cité des Sciènces (Adrien Fainsilber), la Cité de la Musique (Christian de Portzamparc) and the amazing and brand new Philarmonic (Jean Nouvel) are a must for those interested in photographing architecture.

Parc de La Villette

M: L5 Porte de Pantin

M: L7 Porte de la Villette

Tram: 3b Porte de Pantin, Ella Fitzgerald-Grands Moulins de Pantin, Porte de la Villette

André Citroën Park

This park was built in 1992 and it was, at the time, one of the most important urban interventions of Paris. It is built in the ancient Citroën factory, one of the most important car manufacture in France. In the centre there is a large grass platform that during warm days gets filled by people relaxing. This normal scene for parisians can give you a great photography if you take the air balloon that rises up to 150m giving also a stunning view of the Eiffel tower. In the side facing south, there is a water canal that spreads out of the entire park. This main canal is surrounded by raw concrete walls and wood that will become great background for portraits. Finally, if you want some original street photographies, this park counts with magnificent dancing water fountains that, even if not legally allowed, refresh a lot of Parisians when the sun heats de city. Your photographic visit can end with a nice walk through the lateral gardens where you can find nature backgrounds or activities for life style photography.

Parc André Citroën

M: L8 Balard

Tram : Pont du Garigliano

Bercy Park

Also next to the Seine river but in 12h district, this park inaugurated in 1997 has all the traditional elements of Parisian parks: water, grass, architecture. The park ground goes from the Bercy Arena, where you can get sport or cultural photographies, up to the picturesque Bercy Village, where street photographers can explore taking shots of relaxed people and curious shops.

Bercy is divided in many green blocks that are linked through lineal paths.

to the west, the big green grass esplanades are full of Parisians relaxing or skating. the centre part has many theme gardens with pergolas, vines, and flower plantations that can be very interesting as main photographic subjects or for using as backgrounds. After crossing the bridges over the rue Joseph Kessel, you will get to the romantic park. where we find a water pound, bridges and great diversity of flora and fauna.

For architecture lovers, next to the Bercy Arena is the Ministry of Economics (Paul Chemetov et Borja Huidobro) and facing the grass esplanades you can check the Cinémathèque Française (Frank O. Ghery). It could also be interesting to check the Pasarelle Simone de Beauvoir, a walking bridge that crosses the Seine River and goes to the Bibliotèque Nationale de France (Dominique Perrault).

Parc Bercy

M: L14 Bercy et Cour Saint-Émilion L1/L14 Gare de Lyon

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