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Taylor Swift in Paris. Film locations

Oh, how beautiful is loving again in Paris!

If you are heartbroken and have seen this video, maybe you have wondered where did Taylor Swift found the strength to "Begin Again". Well, we propose you to do this colourful photo tour and visit all the video locations used for the video. So fans of Taylor Swift, come follow the steps of your amazing singer.

Music video by Taylor Swift performing Begin Again. (C) 2012 Big Machine Records, LLC.

Pont des Arts (1)

The video begins in famous Pont des Arts. This place have inspired poets, dreamers, and more than one photography director... the video was made in 2012 so now those "love locks" have disappeared as metal grids no longer exists. To the left check the Eiffel Tower, to the right, the façade of the Louvre museum behind the trees.

Square du Vert Galant (2)

Here, the west point of the Ile de la Cité, there's a tree. This beautiful weeping willow has suffered a little bit because of recent crews of the Seine River. Nevertheless, its presence reminds us of the original ground level of Paris. Yes, Paris is built around 7 meters above the original ground level. At the back you will see the Pont des Arts we just left behind.

Now, by the Seine River, let's walk in the Quai de Conti (3). We see Taylor Swift crossing under the Pont Neuf, wich is actually the oldest existing bridge of Paris..., the statue of Henry IV, and the beautiful house buildings facing south in the Ile de la Cité.

Before heading north, let's continue in the left bank towards Saint-Germain des Près church. We will stop in the beautiful Place de Furstenberg (4) where we see Taylor Swift riding a bike with big sun glasses and floral skirt. If you love art, you might want to check the Musée Delacroix !

Continuing in a good mood, why not enjoying a cappuccino, as Taylor Swift did, just when she met her new affection... All this in well conserved Café La Palette (5).

Palais Royal (6).

Now, reaching the right bank, there is no more beautiful garden as Palais Royal. A great point for making a stop, sitting, enjoy and write what we have loved surrounded by the last flowers of the summer. And then, almost going out by the northern columns, we arrive to the Velfour (7). This famous restaurant, with original décor that was one Coco Channel favourite places in Paris.

Leaving the Palais Royal garden behind we get to the romantic and photogenic rue de Beaujolais (8). Do not be disappointed if old cars look more like delivery trucks... this does not change the charm of one of the nicest urban perspectives of the city.

From here we are two steps away from the Maison Kitsuné (9) which is just nice for a short shopping pause to then arrive, now as the past begins to be just "the past", to the Place des Petits Frères. Here you can see a beautiful renaissance church and, in front, the pastry shop Le Moulin de la Vièrge (10) where our visitor will dream in front of berries and art Nouveau.

Finally, recovered from grief and sadness, we see a fabulous Taylor Swift over the roofs of Paris with the Opera Garnier at the back., something we can feel when visiting the roof floor terrace of the Galeries Lafayette or the Printemps.

With this breathless view of Paris we end this phototour getting ready to begin again.

for more information about the making off, here you can find some links:

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