Take Selfies in Paris! A complete guide

Updated: May 4, 2021

Taking selfies, these casual and flattering selfies, is a lot of fun and impossible to avoid in Paris. Technique has improved dramatically since the inventors made the wonderful world of selfiesticks, tripods, and timers available to us. Discover in this guide to take good selfies some ideas so that your photos are worthy of a frame in the middle of the room.

Pick a good background:

  • Make your selfie talk about you and what you are living.

  • Find a background that you particularly like without hiding it behind your face.

  • Avoid having too many distracting elements such as people or cars.

  • Also try photographing yourself with walls, doors, and street art that are unique examples of Paris. Activate the gps, so you will know where it has been.

  • Avoid having a lot of sky behind you because it will make your face look dark!

Take care of the light:

  • For your portrait to look good, it is best to avoid a great contrast between the sun and shadow areas because they make all the small imperfections that characterize us visible.

  • If it's sunny, get under the shade of trees or buildings for a more even light.

  • On cloudy days, look for areas with lots of natural light.

  • If you are indoors, stay close to windows. Side lighting tends to give a lot of relief.


  • Position the camera slightly above your face to stylize your face, using your selfiestick or raising your arm.

  • Place Paris in your hands, holding the Eiffel tower, the Louvre pyramid, etc. by your fingers.

  • Use your favorite pose and have fun. Nobody better than you to talk about you.

Good photos in Paris!

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