How to take pictures of Baby at home?

Updated: May 4, 2021

When a baby is born, everything is turned upside down, the house changes, sleep is altered, and no two months are alike. Nothing better than photos to keep alive the memory of these moments, to record the small and big steps of your little ones. That’s why, if you are thinking about taking pictures of your babies at home and are not sure where to start, we have provided you with a series of tips so that you will always remember those unique and unforgettable moments. Whether it's with your own camera or with one of our photographers, don't give up on putting them into practice.

How to be ready for the session?

While you can also take a moment's sleep to steal a photo or two from your baby, ideally, your baby has eaten and is rested to give their best smiles. That’s why it’s good to choose a time that you are used to being comfortable with. If it's a baby who sleeps a nap in the morning and afternoon, it is better to prefer a time that does not alter his cycle, right after a meal, for example. If it's a baby who only takes afternoon naps, it may be worth taking the photos in the morning when they're in a better mood. If there are two or more of them, it is important to take the photos just when they are in good mood.

How to prepare the house?

With a home session, we also remember the space in which your baby is growing. We can take the photos in various places: the living room, your baby's room or, even, the parents' room, for a family photo. It would be best if the rooms were cleared and only the objects visible there that you would like to be seen in the photographs. If it's a huge job, when your baby is just born, it is worth it!

What type of light to prefer?

The photos of babies are very attractive with diffused light, which makes the skin softer and gives a very uniform tone to the colors. This is why it is better to avoid taking pictures when the sun is direct, because the contrasts are then very visible, and the flash becomes necessary. If you can't avoid it, ideally a white curtain should be placed to filter out excess light or to photograph your baby in the shadow area.

Plus, to give your baby's eyes a special light, it's great if everyone in the photograph is looking out the window, even if the direct sun can cause frowning or sneezing.

How to choose the backgrounds?

In photos of babies, fabrics are of particular importance. The idea is, again, to tell her story, her baby world. If you have patterned cushions at home, blankets with textures or small designs, or a fabric you particularly like, you can keep it handy and use it to accompany the photos.

How to dress ? What clothes to prepare?

We recommend that everyone who will be in the session dress in matching colors, so that the photo is more balanced. Nevertheless, everyone keep the look they prefer. In addition, in interior photos, we recommend using light clothes, so that they still light up the faces and do not produce different reflections: when using black or very dark clothes, the photo will also be less. bright, in general.

For the baby, we can plan two or three changes, depending on his mood. It is best to use clothes that he feels comfortable in, without cold or heat, otherwise he may feel uncomfortable and cry. Adding things like a hat knitted by grandparents can add a splash of color without the need to change and bother the baby.

About props: If you want to show off a particular item, it's best to have it ready. It could be a blanket, blanket, or a small gift that has special meaning. It can be used in the foreground or simply as an accompaniment.

How to carry out the session?

We must start by defining where we will take the photos and by preparing the spaces. At first, the best is for the baby to be in the arms, so that he gets used to the camera and, if there is a photographer, to the strange presence of it. The sofa can be used for a family photograph, but if that is not possible other places are possible, such as the parents' bed.

If there is a painted or decorated wall in the house, you can take a picture of your baby, holding him in his arms. Then it's time to move on to the main model. Ideally, it is best to

place by the window, looking towards it, in a pose he will be comfortable with. If the baby is less than six months old or has not yet sat down, the photos will be taken from above, with foregrounds of the face, feet and hands.

If the baby is over six months old and has started to sit or crawl, your best bet is to get him or her to look out the window - which can be very, very difficult at times. But the shot behind him will have to be as clear as possible, or you will have to ask someone to hold a false background, with a fabric or cardboard with drawings.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

What particular poses should you try?

When the photos are of a newborn or a small baby, your best bet is to think in terms of scale, to imagine the smallness of your hands and feet. The best way to do this is to place your hands between ours [yours?], Or other parts of your body. This feeling of being in the arms is what results in pictures full of warmth, where the baby is safe.

If you are looking for photographs of newborns with accessories, hats, and most importantly, asleep, try taking the photos in the first fortnight after birth, which is when babies sleep the most. Place him in a fetal position, with his little legs raised. Finally, the skin-to-skin photos have a very nice effect. Don't hesitate to try them out.

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