It's winter, it's time to photograph the trees...

Updated: May 4, 2021

Panoramic view from Montmartre © Isadora RE / My Paris Photo Tour

The light is long and the sun is weak. The trees have lost their leaves and their branches are arrogant, filling the sky with black daggers. Winter is here: it's time for expressionist photography!

With the trees as the main actors, we leave you the best places to capture the dancing branches, the last fallen leaves, take portraits and photograph the city when the cold wind lurks and people walk like dolls devoid of color.

Panoramic views of the city

Visit Montmartre. From the bottom of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart you can photograph Paris framing it between the branches of the trees that grow on the way down to the carrousel.

Photograph the Eiffel Tower between branches.

The tower is surrounded by trees, but to be able to frame it, we suggest that you try to do it from the Bir Hakeim bridge, with a low angle from the Trocadero or Champ de Mars gardens, and also, try a wide angle from the banks of the Seine.

Jardin des Plantes ©Isadora RE / My Paris Photo Tour

Visit the parks

Choose the one you like the most. We suggest French-style parks because the perfectly aligned rows of trees will allow you a great set of compositions: Jardin des Plantes, Tuileries, Jardin du Luxembourg, etc.

A walk along the Seine and the Canal San Martin

Using the trees, even on a cloudy day, you can obtain expressive photographs where water, bridges, people and powerful branches intermingle.

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