Winter goes away. Photographing Paris before the sun rises.

Updated: May 4, 2021

Spring is coming and with it the sun, the colours and the heat… but it will still take a little time. No rush, these few weeks left before the leaves start to sprout are perfect for capturing some images of Paris that will soon disappear for months. We leave you a series of ideas to take advantage of the last cold days, strong composition lines, long shadows and subtle contrasts.

Place de la Republique

The lines:

Along with the sun the leaves fell. Now, those trees that lost their leaves during the fall are slowly beginning to cover themselves with the foliage that will fill their canopies. In the Seine, in the gardens, in the cemeteries, the tree-lined corridors will cease to have those strong lines of composition to become compact volumes, filters against the summer sun. Take the opportunity to photograph the Eiffel Tower, the Seine bridges or take portraits between trees that frame your photos.

Palacio Real

The light:

In autumn and winter, when the sun is low, the shadows cast on a sunny day can triple or more the length of objects. These weeks the sun will not be strong enough to burn the photos but you will achieve good contrasts for architecture, landscape and street photography. Look for open spaces like the Seine or east-west facing streets and feel free to play with the backlight to enhance textures.

Puente Bir Hakeim

The emptiness:

If you are looking to portray the Paris of the void, take advantage of the fact that it is still cold in the early hours of the morning or try to look for atypical routes. And the thing is that with the heat the flowers, the leaves, the animals will return, but also large - large - numbers of people will return to the streets to look for the rays. Between hats, coats and coloured scarves, the Paris en vogue show wins a lot in these first days of spring. Thereto!

Torre Eiffel vista desde Palais de Tokyo

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