Oulalà heat wave, photographing Paris when it's hot hot hot

Updated: May 4, 2021

In these days when temperatures rise and rise and the sun does its thing, here are some strategies and places to photograph Paris and not melt trying.

Photographing along the Seine, the Canal Saint Martin or the Canal de l’Ourcq

The number one key to avoiding heat stroke is choosing the right time depending on the location. For your walks next to the water, take advantage of the early hours of the morning and sunset. Not only will you prevent the sun from directly on your head but you will also achieve images without so many people (in the morning) or with excellent tones (at sunset).

If you want to photograph the Seine, before 11 a.m. and after 7 p.m. you can have shady areas that will help you protect yourself. When the sun is about to fall it is the best time to approach the area that goes from the Pont Alexandre III and walk to the Eiffel Tower. Also, it is the ideal time to take photos from one of the boats that offer tours of the Seine.

On the other hand, the axis that goes from the Canal de l’Ourcq and reaches the Canal Saint Martin comes alive when the offices close, the children leave school and people turn to the streets to the famous apéro. Reflections in the water, street art, street photography, this area has it all.

paris ola de calor canal saint martin

Walk in shady areas

Thanks to Haussmann, the great axes that cross Paris have planted large plane trees that serve as a filter for the sun's rays. In addition to protecting yourself with the shade, from these large sidewalks you can photograph a city that moves vertiginously between cars, bikes, pedestrians. Also try walking through the covered arcades of Rue Rivoli, the Palais Royal, the place des Vosges or the covered passages where you will have magnificent games of shadows and reflections. And if you don't want to avoid it, alternate with pedestrian streets to have a drink and take pictures of a heated Paris.

paris ola de calor palais royal foto

Stop in the parks

Wherever you go, you will surely come across a park or square. In Paris, the vast majority of green spaces have large trees that will allow you to stop for a moment to photograph their sculptures, fountains or flowers and rest in the shade and drink fresh water. If you have a choice between the central path and the tree-lined path, choose the second one and discover new perspectives along the way.

If you want to take the day, visit the Bois de Vincennes and sit near the lake for a picnic and have a bucolic series.

paris ola de calor foto jardin des plantes

Photographing from museums

Not only works of art have to be preserved, so organize yourself to visit some of the museums with the best views during the hottest hours. In addition to photographing the impressive art collections that hang from its walls, you can make small jumps between the panoramic terraces and the interior and keep cool.

photo canicule paris musee pompidou

Visit churches, catacombs and other mystical places

Undoubtedly, a day with a great sun is a good time to photograph the stained glass windows of the churches, capture the light as it was originally intended and give your photographs mystical touches. Or why not, evoke the memories of the afterlife on a visit to the catacombs!

paris ola de calor saint chapelle foto

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